photo by Paul Raeside
photo by Paul Raeside

atmosphere by Amy Lau

For its 2017 edition, The Salon Art + Design has invited an interior designer to exhibit for the first time in its six year history. atmosphere by Amy Lau envisions a living room environment titled “The New Nouveau.” This installation is conceived as a unified whole, featuring the natural forms and curved structures inspired by an array of international designers embracing a vast range of mediums – ceramics, glass, metal, minerals, textiles, and wood.

At the heart of the atmosphere by Amy Lau installation is Michael Coffey’s sculptural walnut fireplace facing, paired with a bespoke bronze and porcelain fireplace screen by David Wiseman. Calico Wallpaper’s custom hand painted mural wall panels inspired by metallic luster glazes and decorative moulding details surround the space in a custom rose quartz color. Iconic furnishings from the Art Nouveau period to contemporary design heirlooms by Germans Ermics, Mark Brazier-Jones, Mary Wallis, and Xavier Lust are highlighted. All upholstered items are covered exclusively by Dedar fabrics, accessories such as ceramics, glass objects, and mineral specimens are also displayed, including an historic, immense 307 carat Burle Marx Brazilian Crystal Opal and 18 karat gold necklace.

Artists and designers

Albert Paley
Brenda Houston
Burle Marx
Calico Wallpaper
David Wiseman
Émile Gallé
Germans Ermičs
Lauren Saunders
Les Lalanne
Louis Comfort Tiffany
Louis Majorelle
Mark Brazier-Jones
Mary Wallis
Michael Coffey
Michele Oka Doner
Nancy Lorenz
Philippe Hetier
Rosie Li
Rosemary Hallgarten
Xavier Lust